Discover our Bundle Packs

Business Access 1

Unlimited to Vodafone network & 5hrs to other network

10,000vt (Vat exclu.)

Business Access 2

Unlimited to Vodafone network & 5hrs to other network
8hrs national calls + 5.5GB data + 750 SMS +30 mins international calls to selected countries

16,000vt (Vat exclu.)

Business Access 3

Unlimited to Vodafone network & 8hrs to other network
8hrs national calls + 5.5GB data + 750 SMS +30 mins international to selected countries

30,000vt (Vat exclu.)

Business Access 4

Unlimited to Vodafone network & 10hrs to other network
18hrs national calls + 10GB data + Unlimited SMS + 30 mins international calls to selected countries

40,000vt (Vat exclu.)

Business Access 5

Unlimited to Vodafone network& 15hrs other network
23hrs national calls + 12GB data + Unlimited SMS + 30 mins international calls to selected countries

60,000vt (Vat exclu.)

Questions & Answers:


  • Where and how can I pay my bill?
    • Visit a Vodafone shop and pay your bills.
    • Use Internet Banking

    Payment via Internet/Bank Deposit

    Payment via internet banking or bank deposit can be made in favor of Vodafone Vanuatu into any of the following accounts.

    Please ensure that you include your Customer ID number in the transaction reference field, so that we are able to allocate your payment correctly.


    Account Number

    ANZ Bank Vanuatu


    Bred (Vanuatu) Ltd


    National Bank of Vanuatu


    BSP Vanuatu


    Wanfuteng Bank

    001 002926 30 00


    Please note online banking payment (e.g. via your bank) will take between 24- 72 hours to reflect your account.


    • Use MVATUVodafone Bill Pay Service
  • How will I receive my invoice?

    You will receive your invoice through your mailbox address you provided when you signed up. To update your mailbox address, email customer care at or call 081111.

  • What happens when I move outside a 4G+ coverage Area?When you move outside 4G+ coverage area, your phone will seamlessly move to our 3G+ network layer and you will continue using the phone. For this to happen your 4G/4G+ device needs to be in auto network mode for seamless transfer across networks
  • When do I pay my bills?Customers must comply with Vodafone’s standard payment term, which is payment on or before the 20th of each month
  • What happens if I do not pay my bill by the due date?If you do not pay your bill by the date indicated on your bill, your internetwill be disconnected until you settle your outstanding bill and pay a reconnection fee of 1500vt vat exclusive.
  • What if I wanted to change to a new business plan?Visit our sales agents at a Vodafone shop and request for changes to your subscription.
  • How can I check my balance and status?

    To manage your account, go to “My Account” tab online Vodafone’s website:

    If you do not have your login credentials, call our customer care on 081111 to create your account.

    You can also text ‘Query’ to 183 via SMS to check your data balance.

  • What happens if I exceed my internet data?

    Once you exceed your allocated data, your internet speed will drop to 256Kbps or 512Kbps until you top up or until billing date.

    There are additional packages available to purchase to top up you data.

  • When should I upgrade my plan?If more devices are connected to your internet and your are not satisfied with your download and upload speed, you need to upgrade your plan to a higher speed plan.
  • Can I get voice services?

    Yes, your single modem can provide both internet and voice services. Visit our Vodafone shop to subscribe’.

    You will be charged extra for your connection.

  • Is the Modem/Router Free?The Modem/Router device is charged 13,500vt vat inclusive.
  • What will I do if I have faults with my internet connection?
    • Check Modem
    • Check if Internet light is ON
    • If LOS light is ON on the modem, call customer service on 081111
    • Check your APN is on